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Scarlet Splendour

88 Secrets Stella Emerald Green Round Rug

€929,95.incl of all taxes
  • Hands to make8
  • Days to create60
  • Steps to finish4
  • Key to perfection 3 D effect through tufting
  • Heritage preserved Hand-tufting
Why we love this thing

88 Secrets Stella Rug Emerald is a luxurious round rug in green with diamond like edges designed by reknowned Slovenian designer, Nika Zupanc. The geometric rug is reminiscent of a star, and adds a sparkly touch to any living space. A collector's piece, this rug is a conversation starter. Making this begins first with a drawing by Nika Zupanc, translating this into a prototype made in wood to achieve the 3 D effect and then tufted by hand by artisans in India.

Details you should know
  • Add a dark warmth with this plush green carpet rug. Perfect compliment to a leather sofa.
  • Composed of premium New Zealand wool.
  • Dimensions of Length 108 cm; width 107 cm.
  • Vaccuum clean only.
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