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Eight Point Star Serving Platter (Set of 4)

€59,95.incl of all taxes
  • Hands to make8
  • Days to create30
  • Steps to finish4
  • Key to perfection Stamming
  • Heritage preserved Kalai
Why we love this thing

Designed as an 8 pronged star, these plates are an invitation to the celestial world on your table.Treat yourself to a feast of traditional, celestial serveware used to serve up snacks to impromptu visitors. Each plate is treated to the classic, 'kalai' process of tinning giving each plate protection from citrus action and tarnish, guaranteeing food safety. They are then finished in a layer of silver coating. Each piece makes for an attractive cheese or dry-fruit platter at the office or home.

Details you should know
    • The Star Plate Set set takes 30 days to craft using the brass stamping method.
    • Each piece is handmade from brass metal.
    • Dimensions of 17 x 17 X 7 cm.
    • Rinse with water and mild detergents. Do not use abrasives.
    • Designed and handcrafted in India.
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