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Rothko Pink on Purple Silk Scarf

€89,95.incl of all taxes
  • Hands to make14
  • Days to create12
  • Steps to finish9
  • Key to perfection Dyeing and weaving
  • Heritage preserved Tie Dyeing
Why we love this thing

Wear your feelings on your sleeves with a stole inspired by the famous "Color Field Painting" artist, Mark Rothko. Rothko's abstract paintings depicted emotions in vivid colors, reinterpreted here through traditional weaving techniques in this scarf made from the most beautiful silk. Each stole uses the resist-dyeing technique of Ikat, where the warp or the weft is tied to achieve multiple colors, creating softly blended edges trimmed by tassels within one stole. With subtle color shifts, each piece is unique.

Details you should know
    • This piece uses the heritage art of ikat resist-dyeing and weaving from south Asia.
    • Composed of 100% handwoven silk.
    • Dimensions of 30 inches (width) x 88 inches (length, inclusive of tassels on either side).
    • First wash dry clean only. Hand wash in a mild detergent.
    • Designed and handcrafted in India.

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