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Party Troopers Doodle Book (Set of 3)

€19,99.incl of all taxes
  • Hands to make30
  • Days to create14
  • Steps to finish6
  • Key to perfection The print quality of the cover page and the stitching of the papers.
Why we love this thing

A set of three doodle books that break stereotypes in the world of stationery, setting the path ablaze with a fun-loving and vibrant collection of covers that double up as party hats. Each doodle book cover includes original artwork using watercolors, acrylic and illustrations which are then scanned, digitalized and printed. This set of doodle books is set to inspire you to write, jot and doodle without restraint and perhaps even yodel along while you're at it.

Details you should know
    • This set of three doodle books took 14 days to make and was crafted by 15 artists.
    • Each book carries hand-stitched and superior quality 120 gsm paper.
    • So pretty that they double up as table decor (and party hats).
    • Designed and handcrafted in India.
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