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Hand-beaten Copper Platters (Set of 2)

€49,95.incl of all taxes
  • Hands to make8
  • Days to create3
  • Steps to finish5
  • Key to perfection Mathar kaam
  • Heritage preserved Hand-beating of copper
Why we love this thing

Beautiful 100% copper platters to place your trinkets and knick knacks . These platters are crafted using traditional ÒTambatÓ craftsman, the copper is hand beaten for added shine and durability and stunning design. Can also be used as a cheese or dessert platter. Style them on your dinner or coffee table with with marble or wood platters, or by the side of your bed to keep your jewellery and other trinkets.

Details you should know
    • Dimensions of diameter 5.75 inches (small) & 7.5 inches (medium).
    • Place a butter or lace paper on the platters when you serve food to avoid contact with the lacquer.
    • When copper is exposed to atmosphere, natural oxidation process causes it to darken. The lacquer coat helps to slow down the oxidation process but over time copper will develop patina.
    • Use a non abrasive, soft cloth to clean lacquered copper products. Refrain from using any detergents or cleaning solutions.
    • Designed and handcrafted in India.
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