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With this volume we paused and looked at the world
around us. Our lives today are fast paced, our fashion is fast
and so are our aspirations to do more and be more.
With 400 Treasures, we attempt to go back to the
era of paintings which take months to make,
monuments which take hundreds of hands to build
and books written over months and years.
We paused to appreciate the art around us and cherish
the everyday treasures in our lives.

  • Gifting Pomegranate Gold Home Accessories - Blush€22,95
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  • Gifting Pomegranate Gold Home Accessories - Ivory€22,95
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  • Pomegranate Soy Candle - Daisy and Driftwood€24,95
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400 Treasures is about celebrating labours of love,
each one made with painstaking care,
minute detail and superior craftsmanship.
Each one, truly a treasure.

  • Antique Gold Candle Holder€154,95
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  • Gold Cocktail Glasses (Set of 2)€84,95
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  • Gifting Gold and White Stone Coasters (Set of 2)€39,95
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